This is not a cheap way of obtaining your driving licence, however it need not be expensive either.

It is away of learning to drive over a shorter time span than would normally be taken by learning with weekly lessons and a properly planed course will use time more constructively.   

The best advice you could take is to plan well ahead, get your theory test passed well before you wish to take your practical test a theory test lasts for 2 years.

How I do Intensive Courses.

Every person who learns to drive is different and an intensive course needs to be tailored to the individual’s needs in order for them to learn as quickly as possible and to a high standard. This is easy with students who learn on a weekly basis as individual lessons can be tweaked to the learners requirements, plus if it takes a few weeks longer to get to a high standard  that's fine as time is not at a premium.

With an intensive course time is ticking away from the moment your test is booked, because of this I insist that any student wishing to take an intensive course with me has a two hour assessment lesson before any assumption is made as to how long it will take to get you to independant driver standard.

Too many courses gamble on the fact that the average person will take a set number of hours, at the end of the course, the student is allowed to take the test regardless of what standard they have achieved. This is unfair on the student, unfair on the DVSA Examiner who conducts the test and potentially puts people in a dangerous situation.  It is possible to give someone enough skill to have a 75% chance of passing their driving test, which means they also have a 75% chance of crashing once they go on the road solo.

By the time you take your test I intend that you will be able to drive safely on your own.

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No Obligation:

After the assessment you will have a good idea if you are happy with the way I teach, my mannerisms and the car I use, and the chance to decide not to learn with me if you are not happy.

Courses can be paid for by most popular credit or debit cards once a price has been agreed.

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