Driving Assessment:

An assessment takes two hours.

If you are a driver already, the drive will show me what standard you are at and I will give you a short lesson on a relevant skill. Doing the assessment in this way will enable me to tell what you need to learn and importantly how long I think it will take me to teach you.

If you are a total novice having little or no experience: The assessment is basically a ‘first lesson’. The same as I would give to any beginner. During this lesson you will drive the car for a good distance on quiet roads. From this I can assess your aptitude to learning to drive and what I think it will take to get you to be a confident driver.

Independent Driving Standard:

By the time you finish the course I intend that you will be able to drive with reasonable confidence on any road in or out of town. You will be able to understand road signs and markings and will give yourself time to respond to any situation that may develop on the road. Also, that you will be able to assess when you can drive at a safe high speed and when to adjust your speed and style to the road conditions. See How I Work

D.V.S.A. Examiner.

Driving tests in England are conducted by a Driving Standards Agency Driving Examiner, they do not teach people to drive and expect anyone who attends a driving test to be competent at driving independently. The examiner conducts the test, by directing you over a route for approximately 35 minutes, during that time they will request that you carry out a number of disciplines that are designed to show that you can control the car in a safe way. You will also be expected to deal with any situation that develops whilst out on the test without help or prompt from them. On the test you are on your own and must do everything for yourself.

Amount of training:

I will give you my estimation of how many hours I believe you will need to get to test standard. (see Independent Driving Standard). This will be the minimum amount of hours you will receive on your course, I may decide to give you more time to practice by extending a day’s training at no extra cost, if I feel it would be an advantage to you.

Fixed Price:

As I have explained above the price I quote at the end of your assessment is the price you pay for your training on the intensive course, there are no extras so you know exactly what the course is going to cost you. If I feel you could do with a few extra hours practice on a set discipline or on a type of road I will build the extra time into the course as it goes along to make every effort to get you to a high standard ready for your test.

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